Afraid of Losing at Unicon18

I am afraid of losing at Unicon18

The fear of losing is terrible. I am afraid of not being good enogh. Not good enogh to show what I could acheeve. Or I just might have a bad day.
Losing hurts and I am sure, I will lose at Unicon18. Maybe more sure about losing than anybody else.

Losing hurts is one reason why i think we should talk about losers on unicycles.

But this is not the only reason. I don´t act out of fear.
I know i can lose because I choose to compete at freestyle with my performance LOSER. But as far as I know I am the only one who tries to lose at Unicon18. All other loser will be selected surprisingly at the end of each event. This might feel very painful. An experiance i would love to avoid.
I collected some ideas that help to stop to create losers and i would be happy if you ad your ideas and you experiance.

If you are still afraid, its ok. Yes it is normal to be afraid of losing. It might help you to look at you personal growth and do not compare with others.
Or you help me with my personal goal for this Unicon18: Cheer for the losers.


Some more general tips for not being a loser totaly unicycling unrelated:

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