Loser Statistics and Rules

Loser Statistics

You won´t see any normal riding at all in this piece. There are never more than three wheel revolutions without ground contact. Loser always falls to the ground before. What you see is a compilation of my movement resarch about falling. Some of my most beautiful  UPDs Unplanned Dismounts that just look unplanned. This show counts 74 dismounts.
Here is my list of unicycle skills in the show LOSER at Unicon18.

Lost a wheel

Kick-up fail  to back
Kick-up fail to face
Kick-up Continous Series (new)

Side Step Walzer:
Side Step  Forward (new)
Side Step Turn (new)
Side Step Side (new)

Tip spin

Wheel Walk 1 foot walks (new)

Wheel Walk to miss the wheel

Slip Ride (new)

Reverse Standup
Kick-up to Standup Fail
Kick-up to Standup
Standup Double Walk (new)
Standup Role

Lost Loser Dance
Half Revolutions Disbalance

Sit and Fall

There is more litte details hidden in the show. Could you spot some?

Loser Rules

Why this show will lose at unicycle competitions

This piece is not designed to lose, but it is willing to lose. It does not try to stick to rules of the rulebook in order to be more authentic and real about losing.
Have a look through the IUF rulebook 2015 with me. That’s what judges will see in this performance. Even if judges really like the performance, they should look closely to the following rules.

Over Time and repetitive

This performance does not stop on time and uses all the preparation time. It has repetitive modules to support the loser feeling.
6.20.1 Artistic Freestyle Events
… Any figures or performing that are done after the end of the time limit will not be judged Performing past the time limit will reduce the rider’s score... However, a routine that is boring, repetitive or ‘padded’ may lose points for being too long.

Originality and new Skills

This performance shows lots of new movement.

6.25.1. Originality:
In Artistic Freestyle, new skills are less important than in Flatland. However, skills with unique variations that are completely new or with new approaches will get more points. Originality is mainly judged in Presentation.

Style and Quality of Riding

This performance is about a loser that feels poor and weak. This is why the riding is not presented in control but demonstrates skills that seem uncontrolled and unitentional.

6.25.2. Mastery
Mastery is the amount of control shown by the rider(s) during their execution of the skills and transitions. The body form should demonstrate good control and Mastery of the unicycle…

High scores should not be given if unintentional jerky body movement, or a wandering spin or pirouette is shown occasionally.

Dismounts and Falling

LOSER is a show that presents the beauty of falling and triggers emotions with dismounts placed in the piece.
74 dismounts will not be without effect in this category.
6.26.1 Mistakes: Dismounts
Low scores are given for routines with more than 8 major dismounts, therefore interrupting the flow of the routine.

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