LOSER Unicycle Performance

Be a loser!loserUnicon


This performance reached the last place  in Freestyle at Unicon18 the Unicycle World Championships.
It shows a loser while falling, losing and failing.  It makes losing come alive.
How does it feel for me to lose? Do I have the courage to watch? Do I have the courage to feel empathy?
Would you follow a loser and his unicycle through the mud of discomfort?

What thoughts are behind this Performance?

More unicycling details about the the LOSER Show:

Where i got my ideas and what i found during my preparations, check my LOSER Research page.

I want to say thanks for there help and support to:
Karin, Jakob, Paolo, Ulli, Alex, Joa, Johanna, Walter, Franzi,  Josef, Cäcilia, Kirsten, Arne, Petra, Steffi, Lutz, Jüggi, Martina, Richard, Melita,  Peter,  Ruth, Martin and everybody who gave some feedback, smiled, clapped, felt with me or turned away from me.
Thanks for going on this journey with me.

Thanks to the music: Lau – Race the Loser- Far from Portland

Performance at Unicon18:

Video Konstantin Höhne

Making-of Photos of the Film LOSER:

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