Losers on Unicycles

For me personally, the unicycling world has some of the best losers i ever met. And I learned to see the beauty of losers. Losers are brave! Losers are Heros for me.
But this Heros do not get our attention. I want to put focus to the losers.
Watch the losers, feel with them and see the beauty.

But not everybody loses like this great losers I describe above.
At Unicons we create losers with every single discipline on our unicycles.
Competition creates lots of losers. And often it hurts to lose.

I want to spotlight this tabu topic. That is why I play my frestyle show LOSER at Unicycle World Championships?
The LOSER show takes you to the uncomfortable. It takes you to the hurtful loser feeling. It forces you to watch a loser. The show is all about the feeling „I lose“ , „I am a loser“, „I have lost“
Its about watching yourself:
How do you treat a loser?
Do you distance yourself or sympathize?
Do you think „LOSER“ ?
Could you think LOSER without judgment?

Am I a loser?
Yes! Yes, I am a loser. I will lose with my performance. But i am not alone.
Everybody knows the feeling of a loser and everybody felt like a loser in life before.
And the best reaction if you see a loser is empathize. This is how far the LOSER show can take you.
It can show you to react with sympathy and empathy the next time you meet a loser.

But do we need this loser feeling in sports?

What is the best way to make losers feel like heros?

Why do we create so many losers?

Could we avoid some losers?

Do you know a solution?

Please help me to find some ways to make it better in our unicycling world.

Talk to other people about losing

Take part in this discussion.

or send me an email.


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