Share my Awards with Losers

I shared my Unicon18  awards with losers of Unicon18.

I know how it feels to lose and i know how it feels to win at Unicycle World Championship. At Unicon18 I got some last places. In Freestyle i won last place with my performance LOSER  and Muni-Downhill I reached the last place because I wanted to show that having fun on the track is more important for me than going fast. Over all I want to make losers of our competitions more visible.

Losers are my Heros!

So, I shared my awards that I won with Unicon18 losers. I gave my medal to some losers and listened to there personal stories.
Here are three losers that could take home one of my medals and for me are heros of Unicon18.

Who got my Awards?

Fabirce (France): Last place Trials finished luckily one line in trials.

Leo (Nederlands): Signed up as one of  the first to perform at pair freestyle but his partner did not get a Visa to come. Leo even invented a new unicycle frame for this. To sad we could not see him perform.

Urs (Swiss): Finished last Place at Marathon, the race was stopped before he could finish the 42km.

This are just three losers of Unicon18. We also create losers with every award we give away, every competition we run.

For me Unicon is about connecting with unicyclists, meeting and get to know each other. It is easy to connect with winners.

Who tells the losers „you are great“, „thanks for trying so hard“, „keep on going“, „i am proud of you“ ?

And who tells the losers: „I know how you feel“, „you are brave“ or listen to there stories?

For me this was a personal goal with sharing my awards. See some of the unlucky and brave riders and get to know them.



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