Stop Losers

What can we do to create less losers in unicycling sports?

How do we create a sport that does not have losers? And what can we do right now to make last places not feel like a loser?

No Ranking

Resultlists show no places or ranking, it just shows times and names in alphabetical order of competitors.

This idea was tested by Danish Unicyclists.

Special Price for Last

Give special awards to the last. Make the last visible and show respect to there effort.

Random Prices

Do not give prices to the winner but spread them randomly, because everybody did a great job.


New Games

The „New Games“ movement began in the late 60s to encourage people to play non-competitive or friendlier games.


Shows without competition

Unicyclist want to present there skills and want to be seen. Create options to present skills and ideas in front of other Unicyclists. Enjoy instead of compeede.


No Disciplines for individuals

Make teams, always!


Don´t compare with others

Focus on personal growth.

No Racing Kids

Stop kids age groups, make fun events instead


Fun Events

Events just for fun, without selecting winners and losers.


More Ideas?

Do you miss an idea? Do you know excamples of good losers? Do you know examples how to avoid losers?

Please email me your ideas, or post them at the Forum



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