Touching Ground and Falling

I love falling down

The movements developed for this piece tries to expand the definition of unicycling beyond its narrow limits.
Is it a skill to fall? Is unicycling with a foot on the ground still riding?
LOSER tries to fuse dancing, falling and unicycling into one movement quality.

Why? As a performer i learned: The most interesting moment for the audience of a unicycling performance is  when the illusion of not falling is facing the reality of losing control.

So i embraced what i love. Falling. For the last years i worked a lot on my falling skills. I learned to use the ground and to combine it with my unicycling skills.

I wanted to show my skill to the unicycling world and noticed they don´t understand.
I realized that a performance about falling will reach no better than the last place.
Thats the point where i started working on this show. Knowing it will place last, slowly this show unfolded as a loser performance. I took the chance to focus on the losers view of the world. How does it feel to lose? And how does a loser move? Do we need losers?

My movement research for this performance took me through a long journey of dismounts and falling.
Falling on the ground is the Losers most natural move. I wanted to learn more about falling and transform it into interesting movement.

On the way many new unicycling skills appeared. I put some of them into this performance.

Many unicyclist wont call this skills but i am sure they are beautiful skills worth to present.

I gave them some names:

Kick-up Continuous Serie

Side Step Walk

Side Step Turn

Side Step Jumps

Walk Wheel Walk

Slip Ride


Some more Background:
Unicycling is all about falling and trying to avoid falling.  My first move for the LOSER show was falling. I want to create a show about falling. But as an Unicyclist I don´t want to fall. Unicyclists want to be the fantastic Heros that masters unicycling and do not fall any more.

After 20 years of unicycling and as a world class unicyclist I noticed: I still fall. I can not stop falling, i will always fall. Unicyclists are masters of falling. We fall and get up then try again and fall again.



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