why loser

This page is about the Unicycle Show LOSER and some ideas and concepts behind this performance.

Am I a loser?

No, no no, losing is something for the weak and bad and untalented people. Not for me. For sure I am no loser. I could even prove to you that I am a winner! Yes, I won at Unicycling World championships for four times (in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010). I am a winner! And I did some breathtaking stunts (Videos: Klettersteig, Cycling where I live, Breakcoasting)
How about you?
Did you ever win?
Who is a loser?
Am I a loser?

No? Do you say No? I don´t want to lose. I am afraid of losing. I will never want to lose. If I have any choice, NO! I don´t want to be a loser. I do not even want to be close to lose or look at losers. It even hurts to feel with a loser.

That’s what this performance is about. LOSER. Is about that unconfortable topic in life we all struggle with.

When is the best time to lose? Who are the biggest losers in life? Do you know losers on unicycles?

This performance shows me as a loser on my unicycle. Struggling and failing with nearly every attempt. I feel like a loser in the beginning, in the middle and in the end of the show.

For me  this performance crosses the border between show and real live.
It is not only a show. I might get a last place for his performance in real.
The audience will think: „what a loser!“ and some won´t understand this performance.
And the picture of me as winning world class unicyclist will be replaced by a new image of a falling loser.

Is it woth it?

Yes, I think it is a good idea to start to stop losers.
I think it is time for a discussion about this tabu in sports and it is time to change our idea of unicycling.
I know, I can not do it alone. And I know I am not alone.


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